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How to find an accommodation in Colmar?

CLOUS services are available to meet your needs
in terms of accommodation and food.


1 building in the campus and 3 residences studios 

Campus: 133 rooms. Rent 123.00 € (on 01/01/2006), with CLOUS's agreement. Possibility of ALS

Studios: 2 residences near Grillenbreit Campus or near Biopôle Campus. Studios for 1 person, furnished with kitchenette and bathroom or unfurnished. Rent from 271.00 € (+ electric) to 370.00 € (+ electric).

Do not hesitate to contact:
La Colmarienne du Logement
Tel: – Fax:


Point Logement located at the University Restaurant is open from 3rd July till 21st July and from 28th August till 31st August, from 10 am to 3 pm, from Monday to Friday, and offers a list of accommodations with family.



1 university restaurant at your service

From 2.70 € (student discount), our catering offers varied meals every day: a set menu with points, a grill menu... Topic days, cinema or concert tickets to win throughout the year….

Ask now for your catering card by logging in at:

Catering contact: Mrs GUION on Tel:

How to get a grant to study abroad?

Regional Grant Boussole:
Can be granted to students:
- registered for diploma courses in an institution of higher education in Alsace,
- registered from the 3rd year after the Bachelor’s degree and till the Bachelor’s degree 8,
- and following courses or training abroad validated as part of their curriculum, lasting between 8 to 40 weeks with a maximum of 32 weeks per stay. 
Except, however, students with foreign nationality following studies or training in the country in which they are citizens.

The grant is 40 euros per week.
Application and information at:


Mobility grant:
This support is aimed to students on social criteria attending from 2 to 9 months of study abroad as part of their academic curriculum.
Indicative amount for the year 2008-2009: 400 euros per month. 

Application and information at:


The OFAJ Grants:

The Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ) grants funds to work placements which must be an integral part of the studies and be accepted back home. It generally falls within a university twinning and is aimed to students from any discipline.

The student must:
- be under 30 years old,
- reside permanently in France,
- have good command of spoken, written and reading German; the OFAJ may, when appropriate, offer a grant for language courses,
- complete a training in the partner institution or in a company; the trainings taking place in a French institution in Germany cannot be funded by the OFAJ. 

The OFAJ Grant applies to a minimum of four weeks training.

The grant is 300 euros per month. If the training lasts longer than three months, the grant is limited to 900 euros.
A flat grant for travel expenses (return ticket) may be added.
- The OFAJ Grant cannot be combined with others institutions funds.
- Any training allowance paid by the company must be deducted from the total amount of the OFAJ Grant.

OFAJ website:'s Grants:


DAAD's website:


For more information:
International Trainings Secretary UFR PEPS – Pole Commerce
33 (0)3 89 20 65 87

I live in another European country, how can I apply to study in France?

1. CEF's procedure of CampusFrance 

The CEF's procedure (Centre pour les Etudes en France = Center for Studies in France) of CampusFrance is mandatory to all foreign applicants whose their country is CampusFrance partner.
Application at: www.(country name)
For all other countries, a 'typical' application for the desired course must be requested at the Secretariat.

List of countries using CEF procedure : 
Algeria - Argentina - Benin - Brazil - Cameroon - Canada - China - Colombia - Congo Brazzaville - South Korea - United States - Gabon - Guinea - India - Lebanon - Madagascar - Mali - Morocco - Mauritius - Mexico - Czech Republic - Russia - Senegal - Syria - Taiwan - Tunisia - Turkey - Vietnam.


2. Others 

For students from countries that do not fall under the CEF procedure, a validation application of acquired experience must be provided to the Secretariat of the chosen course.


3. Useful information  

4 dormitories are located at Colmar. For more information, visit the CLOUS Website at:

Financial supports
There are two types of accommodation financial supports:
l'APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement = Personalized housing)
l'ALS (Allocation Logement à caractère Social = Social Housing Allocation)

For more information, visit the CAF's Website of Haut-Rhin:

Grillenbreit Campus at Colmar has a restaurant where you can have a full meal for 2.85 euros.
The Restaurant is open from Monday to Friday, from 11.45 am to 1.45 pm.
For more information: or

Multimedia Auto-Learning Languages Center
To improve your French or learn a new foreign language, you can contact CLAM at Colmar, at the Grillenbreit Campus.
For any other schedules and other useful information, check the CLAM's Website at:

I would like to study abroad, what are the steps to follow?


- I.B.M: International Business Management Tri-national Course

"International Business Management" is a tri-national course based on core skills in general economy, business management and marketing. Intercultural, communication and foreign languages are also strengths.

The course takes place at three teaching sites:
- Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg Lörrach
- Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz at Bâle
- University of Haute-Alsace : IUT of Colmar and UFR PEPS

The course duration is 3 years for French graduation (BA Economics and Management), three years and half for Swiss graduation (Bachelor of Science in International Business Management) and German graduation (Bachelor of Arts).
Semesters take place alternatively in Lörrach, Colmar and Bâle. Periods of professional missions are performed on every academic year.
Lessons are held in French, German and English.

For more information:
IBM UFR PEPS Secretary


- International Marketing Bi-national "International Marketing" Curriculum

The bi-national curriculum gives the opportunity to students to obtain a French-German double diploma Bachelor/Degree Level (Bachelor’s Degree 3), and/or obtain a double diploma Franco-German Master Level (Bachelor’s Degree 5).
The Course takes place at Colmar (UFR PEPS) and at Mönchengladbach (Hochschule Niederrhein).
Students are recruited in France by the representatives of the UFR PEPS's management business team and must demonstrate a good knowledge of German to be admitted (Level B2 of the CECR).

For more information:
International Courses Secretary UFR PEPS – Pole Commerce
33 (0)3 89 20 65 87


- ERASMUS Exchanges

You can follow one or two semesters at a UHA partner university, or training as part of the ERASMUS European program. You will then take the exams there, and get grades that you would validate as part of your French degree with the ECTS credits transfer (these latter are set through a learning agreement between the head teacher and the student before leaving).
Financial support: Mobility allowance is intended to cover the additional costs of the stay abroad. The Eramus student status exempts the host institution's registration fees during the time of study, rights being paid in the establishment of origin.

Europe Education Training Agency's Website:

For more information and/or application form:
International Courses Secretary UFR PEPS
33 (0)3 89 20 65 87


- Quebec CREPUQ Student Exchange Program

Exchanges organized as part of CREPUQ Exchange Program (Rectors and Principals Conference of Quebec Universities) concern the French students wishing to attend a part or a whole university year in an institution of higher education in Quebec and benefiting from the validation of their marks obtained in Quebec in their course in France.

Information and the partner institutions list:

Students wishing to apply for an Exchange Program must ask for a code at the Secretariat to give them access to an online application form.

For more information:
International Courses Secretary UFR PEPS – Pole Commerce
33 (0)3 89 20 65 87

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